Tuesday, March 27, 2012

E-Judiciary, Online Dispute Resolution Centre, Online Arbitration And E-Courts Projects Of Perry4Law And PTLB

Perry4Law and Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB) have been working in the direction of legal enablement of ICT systems in India and world wide and legal enablement of e-governance in India and abroad. Some of the initiatives and projects of Perry4Law and PTLB have now acquired international reputation.

To strengthen the initiatives and projects of Perry4Law and PTLB and to take these projects and initiatives to the next level of development, Perry4Law and PTLB are in the process of launching four crucial projects. These are:

(1) Electronic Courts: This initiative would provide e-courts services to national and international organisations, governments, companies, individuals, etc. At this platform you would be able to resolve your disputes through use of techno legal methods and procedures.

(2) E-Judiciary: This initiative would provide research, policy formulations, training, consultancy, project execution support, etc to various national and international stakeholders. It would cover areas like e-courts, e-judiciary, legal enablement of ICT in courts and judiciary, etc.

(3) ODR India: This is an India specific platform that would resolve various inter party disputes in an online environment. Techno legal methods and procedures would be used to resolve various disputes through Arbitration, Conciliation, Mediation and other similar methods.

(4) Online Arbitration: This initiative would provide ODR services to world at large. Individuals, organisations, companies, etc may resolve their disputes through this platform by using our techno legal dispute resolution services.

Perry4Law and PTLB have been providing their suggestions and services regarding e-courts in India, ADR and ODR in India, techno legal online dispute resolution in India, etc. Further, Perry4Law and PTLB are also providing the exclusive techno legal e-courts training and consultancy centre of India and world wide.

We would come up with more information in this regard very soon. Dedicated websites for these platforms would also be launched very soon. We hope these initiatives and projects of Perry4Law and PTLB would help you in redressing your disputes in a timely, cost effective and appropriate manner.