Monday, March 5, 2012

Corporate Disputes And Online Dispute Resolution In India

International commercial arbitration in India is witnessing a sea change and corporations and companies are also noticing the same. Corporate disputes and online dispute resolution (ODR) in India would become inseparable in near future. Even e-commerce disputes resolution in India would be resolved using information and communication technology (ICT). International online dispute resolution would also usher growth of e-courts and ODR in India.

Disputes among corporate stakeholders are very common. For obvious reasons corporates prefer to use alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanism instead of traditional litigation route. Traditional litigation is time consuming and expansive whereas ADR mechanisms are effective, economical and speedier in nature.

The corporate agreements of these corporate houses essentially contain an arbitration clause and adoption of arbitration proceeding to resolve various future differences and disputes. The commercial division of high courts Bill 2009 also recognises that commercial disputes involving large stakes must be resolved urgently and in an expeditious manner.

It is high time for big corporate houses to shift to next dispute resolution revolution known as online dispute resolution (ODR) in India. Companies and individuals must give more stress to ADR and ODR services in India as they are more productive than traditional litigation system of India. In fact, having e-courts and ODR in India can solve almost all the legal problems of companies and individuals in India and world wide.

We need to adopt cyber arbitration in India, online arbitration in India and technology arbitration in India. Further, cyber arbitration and mediation centre in India also need to be established. Online commercial arbitration in India also needs to be developed.

Similarly, legal issues of media and entertainment industry of India have assumed tremendous importance. Entertainment and media industry dispute resolution in India can be resolved using online dispute resolution. Dispute prevention and resolution in the film and media industry in India is presently not exploring use of ODR and e-courts.

Similarly, ODR and cross border e-commerce transactions and dispute resolution of cross border technology transactions are also interrelated. Dispute resolution in technology transactions is the upcoming trend in the field of ODR.

Dispute resolution of cross border technology transactions is a complicated process if we adopt traditional litigation methods to resolve them. Dispute resolution in technology transactions and dealings requires an effective, timely and cost effective mechanism. Traditional litigation is definitely not the place to achieve these objectives.

Perry4Law and Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB) suggest that companies and individuals must incorporate suitable “ODR clauses” so that ODR in India can grow. In fact, we are already doing so and are also providing the exclusive techno legal ODR services in India and world wide. We hope very soon ODR and e-courts would be actively used in India for the larger interest of all stakeholders.