(1) Perry4Law and PTLB have been providing Techno-Legal ADR and ODR Services for long. Our Techno-Legal Expertise in areas like Cyber Law, Cyber Forensics, Cyber Security, establishment and maintenance of E-Courts, Critical Infrastructure Protection, etc can strengthen the existing as well as future E-Governance and E-Commerce Initiatives, Laws, Regulations, Projects, etc. Further, in case of any dispute(s) arising out of these Techno-Legal fields, we cater both traditional litigation as well as contemporary ICT based ADR/ODR Services.

(2) Briefly speaking, Perry4Law and PTLB provides its Techno-Legal Services in the fields of Antitrust and Competition Laws, Banking Laws and Restructuring, Biotechnology Laws, Business Laws, Commercial Laws, Companies Incorporation, Corporate Laws, Corporate Structuring, Employment Laws, Outsourcing Laws, Indirect Taxation Including Sales Tax, Excise And Customs Laws and Regulations, Information Technology Laws, Infrastructure Projects Laws, Intellectual Property Rights Laws, International Joint Ventures, International Trade Law, Mergers & Acquisitions, Real Estate & Property Laws, Registration of Patents, Registration of Trade Marks, Registration of Copyrights, Registration and Defending various Intellectual Property Rights, Tax Planning And Management, Telecommunications Laws, etc.

(3) we can also help you in Representing your case before National and International Organisations. We also assist in Filing of Electronic Responses and Counter Responses at National and International Organisations.

(4) If you wish, we can also help you in Referral of Cases to International Organisations.

In case You or your Organisation is facing any sort of Legal, Techno-Legal, Regulatory or any other kind of Dispute or Disagreement, kindly Contact Us to resolve the same.