Our “Fees Structure” is available “On Request”. If you are interested in our Fees, kindly contact us in this regard through your “Official E-Mail” and with full details including your Telephone Number(s), Address, Nature of Dispute, etc.

Kindly do not send “General Queries” or “Non Professional Queries” as they would not be entertained. Incomplete requests would not be entertained.

To remove and confusion and doubt, we wish to make it clear that the “Applicable Fee” would depend upon “Many Factors”. These factors include the Nature of Dispute, Number of Neutrals, Time to be Devoted, etc.

Suffice is to say that our “Professional Fees” are much lower than those charged by International Organisations and Institutions and at par with National ADR Institutions. However, the “Quality” of our Services would be at par with International Standards.

Kindly note that no ADR or ODR Proceeding would be initiated till the “Professional Fees and Charges” are “Paid to and Realised by” our Accounts Department.

Individuals, Organisations, Companies, Governments, International Organisations and Institutions, etc that wish to seek our Techno Legal ADR and ODR Services on “Regular Basis” would be provided “Concessional Rates” for our Services.

Further, E-Commerce Websites and Organisations that wish to get their “Online Disputes” resolved through Online Dispute Resolution Mechanism (ODRM) of Perry4Law and PTLB must engage us on “Retainership Basis” as mutually agreed between us.

We wish to mention that Perry4Law, PTLB and PTLITC are providing the exclusive Techno Legal ADR and ODR Services in India and this also makes us Unique.